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"We don't think you're beautiful, we think you're so so beyond it."


Who We Are

SosoBeauty Cosmetics was curated in 2019 by Joy Cone, a beauty lover who early on discovered her passion for helping women to look & feel their absolute best.​ 

SosoBeauty Cosmetics believes every woman is created. Uniqueness is our strength. We believe there's beauty in not being the same. We understand that not all women have the same level of confidence, we encourage women to find that "extra" in them & show it to the world! Our goal is to enhance the person you see in the mirror. SosoBeauty wants you to be as simple or EXTRA as you choose, do what makes you feel beautiful.

Our collections are specifically selected for every woman's needs.  Now that you're on our site experience for yourself. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions.


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